First Moodle rubrics for pronunciation practice

Rubrics, you say?

Rubrics are a new feature in Moodle 2.2, part of the new advanced grading methods┬áthat are now possible in the Assignments module (see the official Moodle announcement here). They are designed to save you time by writing ┬álots of feedback once on a scale and then just picking the bits you need to grade your students’ submissions.

I’ve used Paul Nicholl’s Online Audio Recorder assignment to create a rubric to grade speaking . Here’s an example of one I did yesterday to grade pronunciation:

Vowel Sounds, consonants, diphthongs, end sounds, linking, intonation, word stress and sentence stress

I’ve divided them into eight categories: vowel sounds, consonants, diphthongs, end sounds, linking, intonation, word stress and sentence stress.

I didn’t really want to include ‘points’ but I didn’t see a way around it. I guess it could be useful to give students an idea and most students like to get a score to see where they are in the scheme of things. Eight categories with seven grades each ended up as 56 points…a slightly random number, but you can always change that if you’d like.

I’ve put both the Word .doc file and a HTML file into my Dropbox. Feel free to download and modify them as you’d like. I’m going to publish everything on my blog under CC very soon. Stay tuned! If you find this useful, I’m also going to make a rubric for essays.

If anyone figures out a way to export rubric templates, please let me know too.




I’ve now added a CC licence to both these documents!

Also, MoodleDocs have been updated and now there is a section on exporting rubrics. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible yet, but a workaround exists. From the Docs:

Sharing your grading forms world-wide

At the moment, there is no way how to export/import grading form definitions. The known workaround is to create an empty assignment module and attach the grading form to it. Then make a standard activity backup of this assignment in the MBZ format and share it. By restoring the assignment, the attached grading form is restored, too. It can be then picked for your own activities or shared as a template at your site.

I’ve done this and you can download my rubrics as an Online Audio Recorder backup file here. Just make sure you’re running Moodle 2.2+ and have OAR installed. Restore the activity into an existing course and you should be good to go :D



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  1. ReplyFrankie Kam

    Hi Guido! I'm a die-hard fan of Moodle 1.9 but Moodle 2.x's getting more interesting by the day and the Rubric feature is definitely a plus point. Kudos to you for synergising with Paul's online audio assignment plugin! Well done on your Rubric.

    • Replyguido

      Thanks Frankie! I'm very late to reply to this but that doesn't have to mean I don't appreciate the kudos :D You're Moodle 1.9-Man! Will you do the switch? You know you want to! ;)

  2. ReplyMike Agostinelli

    Thanks for the post...I am in a class right now giving an overview of the Rubric in Moodle 2.2. I am trying to figure out import/export and sharing among multiple teachers. Any luck with any of these feature?

    • Replyguido

      Mike, I still haven't figured out a way to do that. As far as I can tell, the only way is to manually copy and paste all the content into boxes. I have no idea where the templates are stored or how we could share/export them. If I figure out a way, I'll let you know! Edit: It looks like it's not currently possible :( See the Docs: I don't see why the workaround wouldn't work though.

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