MoodlePosium ’11 – oh, and moving house!

Sorry about the month-long absence! I’ve been busy at work and had to take a break from Moodling for a while. However, last week, I went to MoodlePosium in Canberra, a great conference on all things Moodle. I learnt a lot and even got to network a little! I’ll tell you all about it in a little while. Things to be excited about were:

  • Game Theory – using completion tracking and conditional access to motivate students!
  • Widgets!
  • #ELTchat, the Twitter language teaching network
  • @cioccas, a language Moodler like myself (unfortunately we didn’t get to met in person but she found me somehow online!) based in Canberra
  • Grid course formats
  • much more!
I’ll tell you what all these are as soon as I get some more time to blog and moodle.



New house!

Last week, we finally moved into the dream house we’ve always wanted…still renting, but at least we now have a house! Only problem is that moving takes time and leaves little left to waste on the interwebs. Bear with me!



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